About Us

Sasha is a Gen-Z, Sustainable Fashion Trailblazer setting trends through proprietary designs and style narratives. Inbuilt sustenance and artisanal handicraft has been the key differentiator.

Each pair of Sasha Sunglasses is poetry in wood and warmth for the people and the planet. Akin to the ‘Farm-to-Fork’ movement which revolutionised the culinary world, Sasha’s ‘From-Nature-To-Life’ work credo front ends its entire product range, sustainably, ethically and responsibly. Hence, Sasha is #BornSustainable. We have our own definition of sustainability which is an everlasting continuation. A loop which completes in not only reusing the waste wood, but upcycling it into a high fashion accessory.


Brand Sasha is driven by the belief that people need the joys of craft, rarity, exclusivity, luxury and discerning eclectic taste to explore needs of self-esteem and identity while leading a more authentic, fulfilling life. Repurpose and Refurbish have been the cornerstones of Sasha. Sasha is a canvas for innovation and creativity - making sustainability, no longer merely an unexciting alternative to the mainstream but an innate product attribute. No two pieces of Sasha are ever the same, as they are of wood and from wood, lending each piece a unique grain impression, like a fingerprint.

Our Experience Center

Sasha boasts of trendy designs, playful geometric shapes and first-class craftsmanship at the heart of every product. At our factory , The Sasha Experience Centre, these pieces are hand painted and hand finished to perfection along the silky smooth curves. They are embellished with UV polarised glasses, giving a dual tinge for the uber chic look. It is here at our Centre where our artists inspect all aspects of sense and style to the T.

Founder &
Chief Designer

Satyam Singla, Founder & Chief Designer at Sasha, has inherited the art of woodcraft from his Father, Darshan Singla, Director at Mac International, to bring forth the most exquisite designs. With a woodworking legacy of more than 40 years, Satyam personally oversees the design & execution at their facility in Noida, spread over one lac square feet. With rigorous research and development, in tandem with a team of experts, Sasha has developed an exquisite menu of products to suit individual sense-style-fit-and-function.

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