Handcrafted Wooden Sunglasses

19 January, 2022


Fast fashion has convinced the world that sustainable fashion is a thing of the future. With Sasha’s handcrafted wooden sunglasses, you know that that is not the case. Today, you can look chic and relaxed with a pair of wooden sunglasses crafted to reflect excellent sustainable living. Each piece crafted with care and understanding brings the best to you and nature! 

Rather than a pair of plastic sunglasses, opt for durable and sustainable wooden sunglasses by Sasha. With a promise to promote eco-friendly living, each frame is designed with care while still keeping in line with the latest trends. With demanding pollution and waste concerns, sustainable living is no longer a want but a need. If you’re looking to do your part- and look good while doing it- Sasha allows you to delve deep into sustainable fashion and all its goodness. 

Born Sustainable and Classic:

Wood is a timeless classic, sleek and elegant in all its make. These handcrafted sunglasses are no exception. Frames made from sustainably sourced american walnut wood add that oomph factor to any fit. Each frame is carefully designed and crafted by artisans to satisfy particular needs for people who value quality and style and a greener way of living. 

There’s a frame for all!: 

Under the scorching summer sun or cold winter sunlight, wooden frames complete every look with just the right amount of wow. With a set of 15 different styles made from american walnut wood in their ‘Origin’ collection, Sasha has a comprehensive collection for your every need. Need a pair of cat-eye glasses for a sassy yet elegant night-time look? Something for daily use? A pair for travel and adventure? There’s a frame for you, no matter what the occasion! 

For the wanderers, the fashion-lovers, the office-goers, the life of the party, the fitness maniacs, and the “I have nothing to wear” sayers, wooden sunglasses satisfy all your fashion and function needs. Whether you’re an influencer, a yogi, a DJ, a corporate employee, a musician, or anyone looking for some style to spice up your life-- Sasha has a look ready for you. Unique products are essential for an unmatched fashion statement- bust out your wooden frames, and every step you take is a trendsetter. 

Pair it with your swimsuits, your hiking gear, your puffy winter jacket, or even your Sunday brunch best; complete every outfit with a timeless and eye-catching pair of handcrafted glasses. 

Every picture tells a story, tell us yours!:

With Sasha’s handcrafted wooden sunglasses, each frame has a story of sustainability and style. It's time to make that YOUR story as well. These frames have a bit of something that everyone would enjoy. Look good and feel good with sunglasses that are just the beginning of your sustainable living journey. 

New-age consumers need the best of everything- sustainability, quality, and style. Handcrafted Wooden Sunglasses from Sasha deliver on all of that and so much more. Trade-in your dull, old regular sunglasses for something more exciting: handcrafted wooden sunglasses.


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