Love At First Sight

09 February, 2022

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Change is the only constant.

We’ve been through a lot of changes and experiences in the past two years. Some good, some bad, some ugly.  But what kept us moving through all of it, what kept us afloat through all of it, what kept us going through all of it, was Love! With a little hope, little patience but mostly a lot of love we’re still holding hands and moving on. 

Count your blessings, they say. Remembering good times always helps us realise that everything will be okay. When down and low, these are the very moments that become our ray of hope.  But then this also goes to say, that to create such memorable moments, largely depends on us. We need to make every occasion special, rather, turn every single day into an occasion. Easier said than done, you will say! Although this won't be practically possible, what is, is that one should not let go of any such opportunity. And come February, the calendar gives us one such day. 

The Valentine Day. 

The naysayers would find reasons for not celebrating as the haters will hate but the lovers should love. The world needs more love stories today.  To share, to live, and to laugh. What makes every celebration special is the gift that marks the occasion. You buy a gift to remember moments and create everlasting memories. Every time you look at it, there's a story, there’s a smile that makes the gift so worthy. Sasha Wear is happy to help, today and tomorrow. So here are some gift ideas that we think will be perfect for your love story!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, what are you planning? Wherever you celebrate just remember that ‘Together is a wonderful place to be!’ You can plan a date night, watch a movie, cook together, go couple dancing, have a candlelight dinner, trek, or travel. It doesn’t matter if this is your first date or you are celebrating your 50th anniversary, let love find a way to celebrate togetherness. 

Tip: Make sure to keep your gift game strong in order to save the date!

It's time to start thinking in advance to avoid last-minute rush and compromises. Gifting has always been a large and most awaited part of every celebration, so let’s continue the tradition and spread some smiles. A great way to wow your valentine is to opt for a trendy luxurious designer accessory. It goes without saying, it shouldn't burn a hole in your pocket while doing so. But what if this option from Sasha Wear is not only high on style but also on sense? Sasha’s got you covered. Well, literally!

Sasha Wear brings to you an array of smart, sustainable, luxury eyewear handcrafted by skilled artisans. These designer handmade sunglasses are made from waste wood with frames firmly curved, with styles carefully curated and in colours that are hip and happy. Exclusively crafted premium eyewear Sasha has transformed into a must-have collectible. The new Collection 2022 has an extraordinary vibe from the vintage to the future! Who knew sustainability could be such fun and fervor. Sasha Wear is sure to wake up the style enthusiast in you! 

Date night often calls for a bit of courage and we have something for those who are the daredevils as well. Vintage, timeless, old-school, classic - call it whatever you like, some of us simply love to travel in time! Whether your love is set in trends of today or you foresee the future together, Sasha has a shape and style for everyone.  Truly making it a one-of-a-kind sunglasses as a gift for this Valentine. 

Sasha is an extension of an individual signature style statement. Its UV polarised coloured lenses accentuate a person’s appearance on a sunny day, a moon-lit night, or under ambient indoor lighting. Perfect for any and all plans that suit you. If you need some inspiration on what’s hot this season, See through Sasha for some of our top Valentine's Day picks. Choose a frame you adore and surprise your loved one with a new pair of designer eyewear just in time for spring! 

The cherry on the top is a customisation option with Sasha Wear. Have you heard of personalised eyewear? No right? That's what we are talking about. Explore this one-of-a-kind, exclusive alternative with Sasha's personalised sunglasses. You can actually carve in your love. A secret message or a memorable date, have it noted forever on your favourite Sasha. There are also some cute emoji options available which you can have etched alongside the frame of Sasha’s trendy sunglasses. 

But wait, that’s not it. Good things come in great packages as well.  Sasha sunglasses are a gift wrapped in the softest fabric that just slides through your fingers. The actual sunglasses are rolled up in a papyrus lining, making it ever-so-special. Packed in a fuschia box with a light sheen, and radiance so calm, chic, and classy, that speaks volumes about what’s inside. 

Just like every individual is different, no two love stories are the same. Every relationship is unique and special in its own right, in its own way. With Sasha, you can create your-kinda-love, your way. Our personalisation options offer a variety to tickle all your senses. Words for the passionate, emoji for the goofy, date markups for the thoughtful, and even graphic code messages for the private. Explore the latest collection of Sasha Wear 2022 and pick your special pair. 

Your perfect gift for this valentine's day - Sasha’s sustainable wooden handmade sunglasses, inspired by nature, for nature, and of nature.  

One should always remember good times and happy moments. And when you Mark your moments with Sasha, you cherish those moments that stay forever as a souvenir of the day!

Early bird gets the worm - bad analogy but if you haven’t already started looking for the right personalised sunglasses, then click here. We are sure you will experience ‘Love at first sight’!

Be the first to make the most of this read and pick up some brownie points by being the creative gifter amongst the two of you. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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