Sustainable Fashion

20 January, 2022


Fashion for the future 

Although the retail fashion sector is recognised for fast fashion and trends, there is a change in attitude towards eco-friendly buying and sustainability. The Indian Government began the SURE initiative in August 2019 to move towards sustainable fashion that helps create a clean environment. The program involves 16 top retail fashion businesses committed to sourcing or utilizing a significant amount of their overall consumption from sustainable raw materials and techniques by 2025. 

Hence, India is moving towards fashion transformation, and with customers being more concerned for the environment than ever before, we need to bring more sustainable fashion products to the forefront. Sasha brings to the forefront eco-friendly eyewear that will also help you reflect your distinctive sense of style. Sasha’s on-trend wooden sunglasses with global designs are perfect for the trendy and modern look. The handcrafted luxury with which Sasha’s skilled artisans mindfully make every piece can be your ultimate choice to look stylish while being easy on the planet.

Sasha’s environment-friendly fashion solutions

Getting sustainability right pays off. Customers, led by millennials and Generation Z, want it. Internet searches for 'sustainable fashion' increased between 2016 and 2019, according to a survey. Created after extensive research and development, Sasha wooden sunglasses are designed to be appreciated by a wide range of people while also being durable to endure extended regular use. Made with a global customer cognizance, Sasha has spared no effort in ensuring that you always appear on-point! Wood-framed sunglasses are the perfect choice in a society searching for sustainability. 

Sustainable manufacturing practices 

A McKinsey poll observed a significant movement in consumer behavior towards sustainability goals. In the context of fashion, brands must be mindful from the point of manufacturing until disposal. Being ethical and socially responsible should become a standard practice for all fashion enthusiasts and brands in the future. Because wood is not bendable, the most challenging issue in its use is creating trendy, comfortable, high-quality designs. So, Sasha employs a combination of scrap wood from their manufacturing company and wood purchased from across the country in ecologically sustainable and legal ways. Sasha Wear is powered by imported high-quality, UV-protected, polarized lenses from China.

At the crosshair of style & sustainability - Sasha

The Sasha wooden sunglasses made of american walnut wood are exquisite, extremely adaptable, and fun! Yumbi are classic unisex glasses for your daily needs. For a traditional yet modern style, Bolobo is the best choice. Ibach is the go-to pair for everyday use, while Bromma's elegance will add to your style quotient. Torpo is for a relaxing day out. Set the trend with Anori, the angular cat-eye frames. Or stay cool on your next vacation with Nore, the ultra-robust travel frames!


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