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17 January, 2022

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Are you among those who like to have new year’s resolutions? As the new year is knocking on our doors, we thought it's time to think about your resolution for the coming year - be it about getting fitter, eating healthier, aiming for that promotion, or even working for the environment. And by that we don’t necessarily mean you have to go clean the beaches or sweep your entire neighborhood. Taking baby steps such as using less or no plastic items and switching to more sustainable products can also be a huge contribution to making the world a better place. And all this can be achieved without compromising on individual fashion preferences. 

Imagine a brighter future where sustainability and fashion go hand in hand. Now that is something we would be really interested in. Everyday accessories like sunglasses are made of cheap plastic which are not good for you or Nature. There are numerous fashion brands which now make sustainable, eco-friendly eyewear made of recycled materials such as waste wood. In this way, you can flaunt your trendy, stylish sunglasses without feeling guilty about wreaking havoc on the ecosystem. Moreover, these wooden eyeglasses are super robust and can be used forever as compared to those cheap plastic ones which get worn out in no time.

As Dave Ahern, Director and Founder of Rydberg Eyewash, puts it, “There's no way for us to continue as long as we rely solely upon traditional ways in creating products." You cannot help but appreciate how recycled waste wood is being used for eyewear product design. Some brands are even using reclaimed leathers and recycling old plastic bags to make products - all this to make people adopt a sustainable lifestyle to save the environment 

If you are wondering how these eyeglasses made of recycled waste wood would look on you, the answer is, they will be the best eyewear you’d ever own. These have got lots of color and vibrant designs, ensuring a unique look. They have smooth curves with artistic finish coupled with polarized coloured glasses. When you are walking down the street wearing a luxury eyewear made of wood, you are bound to turn a few heads. Recent eyewear trends suggest that people are now experimenting with various new materials that are innovatively used to create eyeglasses. Not only that, but now many eyewear brands are independently manufacturing eyeglasses made of natural, eco-friendly materials.

What makes wooden frames more fashionable than regular plastic ones is that they manage to be sturdy without looking bulky. A trendy, wooden eyeglass pair gives anyone who is wearing it an audacious or bold look. Wood is known for its light and brawny properties, which endow it with a distinctive appearance. 

Today, the market is brimming with many premium and luxury eyewear brands, but few to none,which are focusing on manufacturing fashionable eyewear made of wood. A wooden pair of glasses can become a glamorous addition to your collection because of its alluring nature.

Let us now look at a few attributes of Sasha wooden eyewear which makes it your top choice for smart yet sustainable fashion.

1. Lightweight and sturdy eyewear - Sasha USP

Wooden eyeglasses are very light in weight, something which makes them very enjoyable to wear. If you are concerned about its robustness, rest assured wooden eyewear is sturdy and can be as robust as the metal ones.

2. Wooden eyeglass looks glamorous and feels smooth - Fashion Forward Sasha

The color of wooden eyewear depends on the type of wood used for manufacturing the frame. Sasha is made exclusively out of American Walnut with colour finishes done directly on the wood. You can choose a suitable frame for every occasion and get ready to dazzle everyone. The feathery, soft feel of wooden eyewear is just like icing on a delicious cake!

3. Wood is eco-friendly - Born Sustainable 

Having wooden eyewear in your collection comes with its special benefits. Along with being extremely trendy and stylish, wood is a sustainable material, which gives you an ultra-modern outlook.

It requires a lot of technique and delicate artisanship to convert recycled waste wood into chic eyeglasses. The best eye-wear brands strive to strike a balance between using traditional methods for creating chic-looking eyewear and making it more and more sustainable. So, next time you go shopping for eyewear, keep an eye for  Sasha (Hyperlink the word SASHA to its website) - Explore what suits you best. That’s the bright future we are foreseeing. 

This year at Sasha, we hope to make it bright and beautiful for all of you. 

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