We've Got You Covered - Tips To Choose The Right Sasha Pair

09 February, 2022


Eyewears aren't typically talked about as part of the OOTD! 

But if you ask about Sasha, they should be. This is because popping on a pair of sunglasses can change you - your look as quickly and easily as swiping on a bold lipstick or some eye-catching liner. Not important, if you wear them every day or wait for an occasion or an adventure. Wearing some shades just puts you right in the mood for fun and ready for pictures! The frames that truly look good on you and help you see the world and the world to see you through them, it’s an inception for different visions!

It’s important to understand that, the face is a combination of shapes and angles. Very often we are all faced with a common question of how to choose sunglasses? Choosing an eye frame that is in proportion to your face is extremely crucial. There are some basic types of facial shapes into which people can be grouped broadly. Choosing eyewear that adds more prominence to your best feature is the ideal case scenario. Here’s a fact, some glasses are far more flattering than others. And your facial structure plays a big influence in finding the glasses that suit you best. How to choose the size of the sunglasses?

These measurements are calculated to determine a person's beauty on a scale of 1 

to 10 considering a certain length and width. Although even doctors say that no one has ever been a perfect 10, each aspect has its own characteristic feature. 

Factors like frame shape, colour, and style all come into play and can alter your presentation. Picking a pair of eyeglasses is easier if you know what facial features you want to highlight. So to make your task easier, it is helpful to know what shapes you are looking for and what looks good on you.

Do you know what also helps? A little inspiration, That is why we went ahead and tapped different people with different facial outlines to showcase how to style Sasha Wear. Checkout out @sashawear_ for frames and styles. Without further ado, Pick out your favourite frames best suited for your face cut.  

It is likely that you have one of the following face shapes: oval, square, round, or heart. Take a close look at yourself by looking at a mirror, notice your facial features and you can find out which one matches you! Keep on reading to see how to determine which face shape you have, and get over the confusion of “what looks good on me?” Even better, Sasha Wear’s Instagram handle #sashawear_ has a really cool feature, Instagram Filters. This industry innovation is the first of its kind for any eyewear brand and is sure to make your eyes roll. Quite literally! 

Let us guide you through the journey of finding the perfect frame that is made just for you. To assess your own facial structure keep reading but remember that this is a guide, not a manual - Try out some frames and if you like the look of a frame, own it! Making your own style statement is an ideal way to show your individual preference and to accentuate the features you were born with! That’s what Sasha strongly supports. 

If you’re looking for assistance to know what face type is yours, here are some pointers. 


Face Type: Round

For a chubby, round face we recommend you to try Sasha’s Malacca and Mezoma's Angular and geometric frames, which fit the face perfectly. It’s a unique colour palette like Burnt espresso & Lavender Lenses, effortlessly carrying Malaccan nature with us. Mezoma’s antique copper & wine gradient lens and one uses dual gradients of red & purple colour, reflect the soul in our Sashas 

Face Type: Square

For a square or box shape face, we recommend you to try Moreh, Andro, Tura. Juruti and Asnoti for your strong jawline and broad forehead, with length and width proportional. Narrow frames with more width than depth are good choices for oval faces, while narrow ovals in the glasses best match a round face.

Face Type: Heart

For a heart-shaped face, we recommend Ibach and Bellary for your elongated & long cheeks. try frames with top-to-bottom depth & decorative and contrasting temples to add width to the face. The Lens colours vary from sun ebony & Black lenses to distress grey & brown tint lenses.    

Face Type: Oval

For an oval-shaped face, we recommend Mora and Bromma, to retain the natural balance of the face, one should look for wide frames or walnut-shaped frames that are neither too deep nor narrow. And these two bad boys are strong and tastefully bold!

But before you go too close to the mirror and notice your face, wait! Here’s the truth about face shapes: nobody is a perfect heart, circle, square, or any other narrowly defined category. Most faces are a combination of a few different shapes, rounded chins, tall foreheads, tapered jaws, and so on. We’re all different and that’s beautiful! 

What you want is the shape that looks the most like yours regardless of your peculiarities. That's what Sasha is all about, own it and make it yours. These are all just ways to check what looks best, it's like a trial room - wear, change, pose and repeat!

Therefore we recommend our Instagram Filters, the trial room of our online shop where you can try out every product, click pictures, send it to your friends and browse all to finally find the one or even more than one that’s the best!

Shopping is always fun when you know what and where to buy. Well let me tell you, darling, you’ve landed at the best place, see you at the checkout! 

Happy Shopping at Sasha!


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