You Gotta Wear Shades

18 January, 2022

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Shades are timeless and have come a long way. Recent eyewear trends suggest that they are no longer just accessories worn on sunny days, picnic days, outings, or beach volleyball days.

People wear them indoors, at red carpet ceremonies, and in dimly lit environs when the party is overflowing the room, and there is only the glare of revolving disco lights.

Shades are now a personal signature style statement. Shades accentuate a person’s appearance on a sunny day, moon-lit night, or under ambient lighting indoors.

What is it about shades that portray your personality?

Your world view is chic

Style is not something that you embrace to be part of the crowd. Instead, it is something that makes one stand out from the crowd. Sasha would make one stand out even if everyone in the crowd wore shades! That’s the inimitable style quotient that they provide. The world views you as relaxed and outgoing.

Youth is a state of mind!

Age is just a number for you. Irrespective of the stage of life you are in, Sasha makes you look uber-cool, almost like a new projection of you. Approachable, flexible, contemporary, modernistic—these are attributes that people accord you. Shades by Sasha, have immense power to influence perceptions!

All days are sunny days for you

Sasha evokes feelings of sunshine, beach sand, bright lights, parties on the yacht, fishing escapades, speed boat rides, horseback adventures, and many more such emotions. When you wear them, you imbibe the vibe without being in all these places. Your energy levels change dramatically. All thanks to fashion first Sasha!

Your formal attire signifies power, poise, and control

Imagine yourself in a power suit with light weight, geometric thin shades. Or a nineyard saree to match with the polarised Sasha sunglasses. Either ways, it adds that oomph and aura to your personality making you self-assured and confident. Looking good amplies the feeling good factor, putting you in a decision making position. 

You go from retro to vintage to ultra-modern to contemporary to fusion in a matter of seconds

Your armor of shades is ready, with Sasha. It’s right there, innocuously put in your bag. Every occasion, every place, every attire can be paired up with a statement accessory from the Sasha eyerobe. That’s the power you have with it!

Aviator, inventor, sporty, petrolhead, geek, diva—you have so many shades of brilliance!

You have that mean and lean-looking aviator shades for a day that demands supersonic decision-making. You have that splashed and unabashed wide-rimmed sporty shades on derby day with your peacock hat where the total net worth of the place is increased by your presence. You have that extra special, nerdy wooden eyewear for your hackathon—all the Macs in the room light up with a welcome screensaver when you come in.

Cool trends in shades and eyewear to look forward to in 2022

Oversized frames

Spectacles, sunglasses, and shades with oversized frames are being re-popularized. Their newest avatars have design modifications. They do not look clunky and chunky. They do not make you look like a person from a different time, a different era but infact like a person, who is ahead of his time. 

Thick frames, contoured linings, double walls, and differently colored rims put these shades back in the limelight. Own those pebble ways, zebra crossings, boulevard strolls, and sunbath benches. The time, place, energy, and moment are yours. Try one this year and get into the striking zone.

Science fiction inspired

Why wait for the future when you are living in it. What the ape dreamt about millions of years ago after eating that heady fruit is now a reality. Planet fashion in the Milky Way is gearing up for a sci-fi-inspired eye year in 2022. Wear these futuristic, future-forward, future-proof, and future-ready designs.

Get back into the future with trendy eyewear fashion. Stop living in the past. The world awaits a redeemed you. With those metallic, rocket-ship-inspired, parallel-universe evoking, touch-button-laden, sensor-embedded sci-fi shades, you are ready to man the meteor. And you have not one but many shades for every fantastical realm.

Sustainable eyewear

Wear your carbon footprint—with style. Show that you detest forest wildfires, industrial emissions, melting glaciers, and sinking islands. Not many eyewear brands have thought of creating splendid designs from recycled materials. Going forward, it will be a year of sustainable fashion.

Sasha uses waste wood, treats them, hand-engineers them to exotic eyewear. These eco-glasses are safe for the environment. Sasha’s latest eyewear is fashionable and avantgarde. So, if you haven’t purchased one yet, do it right away, and dont be the one to contribute to fashion waste. Be a responsible fashionista, people will follow suit. 

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