1. We engrave your names, initials, special dates, even emojis onto the temples of Sasha sunglasses as part of our personalisation service. With a character limit of eight, you can select from four options of emojis.

2. Your message can include your own secret code, so keep it short, sweet and simple. Say it with style, the Sasha way.

3. Along with our Instagram handle our website also shows super cute personalisation options. Go ahead, have a look.

4. Get your creative juices flowing with our personalisation options and make your day count. Enjoy lasting memories with Sasha Wear!




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Why Should You

1. Sasha Singularity - No two pairs are ever the same. Every product is handmade, hand painted and hand finished to perfection by our Artisans.

2. Born Sustainable - Made out of waste wood, each pair of Sasha is carved from American walnut wood, especially for its deep wooden grains.

3. The Vantage Point - Unique designs, geometric shapes and polaroid glasses give them an uber chic look.

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